Thursday, March 17, 2011


Exercise is my frenemy. She is a friend because she keeps me healthy, but she is an enemy for being the other woman in my boyfriend and my relationship.

I couldn’t detest exercise more. If obesity didn’t exist as a truly frightening disease, I doubt I would care about exercising at all. I would be completely content to never run a mile again for the rest of my life if it meant that my body would never suffer the consequences. Oh, how I dream of this alternate reality.

I’m told that exercise should be a natural, pleasant element fused effortlessly into the everyday life, but to me, it is an excruciating pain that I whole-heartedly resist to practice.

Nick couldn’t be more the opposite. Nick is a workout fanatic - from playing college rugby, to lifting weights, to racing bikes competitively, he is head-over-heels for physical activity. He loves being outside. WTF right?

My attitude towards exercise is more than a simple love & hate dynamic. I see exercise as this smoking hot woman that Nick is cheating on me with. Except, he doesn’t realize why I’m so upset about their intimate relationship – instead, he encourages me to be buddies with her and try to get along! I am jealous of Nick’s affinity for exercise, and I wish he wasn’t so fond of her. Then, I wouldn’t feel so bad for hating her so much.

Sometimes I make an effort with exercise, but when I do, I make sure the whole world knows about it. I’m that obnoxious friend that will find a way to slip into the conversation that I went to the gym today, even if the fact has no relation to what we are actually talking about.

I am that same obnoxious friend that turns leisurely strolls into power-walking sessions when I realize I haven’t exercised that day. A lot of the time, Nick will be chatting away with an easy stride, and I will be shouting back at him over my shoulder. Then he throws it in my face that power-walking barely counts as exercise, and I might as well enjoy the scenery. Back to the gym, I am told.

As of a week ago, I started the 4 Hour Body diet and exercise routine, in attempt to revolutionize my health. The plan  enforces a "minimum dose" of exercise principal that sounds easy enough. So far, it’s been good, but we’ll see how long it lasts. Nick has his doubts that I will stick to it, but I am challenging myself to overcome his expectations (and my own) and actually do it. 


Alexandra said...

Emily, this is such a great focus for a post! I can totally relate to everything you wrote about. I, too, detest exercise unless it can be easily worked into my day. I, too, consider speed-walking my only consistent workout.

Isn't it funny how exercise turns out to be a love-hate phenomena? I remember past boyfriends who were obsessed with the adrenaline. It is very much like another woman whom they can't stop dating. Soon enough, they sense this jealousy. They lie to you and say they're at the store when they're really sweatin' it out at the gym. And then you become jealous of all those calories they're burning.

I hope you and your man can work out a happy medium! Perhaps doubles tennis? Good luck!

ashleyallisonlindner said...

I too am like your boyfriend; I simply cannot get enough physical activity-I long for it. If I had it my way, I would be outside all day long, soaking up the fresh air that the gym just can't seem to fulfill. I adapted this habit from my mother; it's almost like I was physically/mentally trained to be this way. She is an avid marathon runner and guess what? I'm running my third marathon April, 10th; so, I think it has a lot to do with how you are raised. I also grew up in South Lake about an outdoor living environment. However, like you, I do enjoy snuggling up at home with a good movie, or whatever your favorite pass time might be-ladies just can't get enough of those moments!

Lolei said...

This made me laugh :D I like how youve personified exercise! Nice post!