Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being Cold

I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with me, but I am always cold. I think it’s a curse. Fortunately, this curse is a burden that I do not have to shoulder alone. Against his will, Nick is fated to bear it with me. Unfortunately, it has plagued him beyond the point of insanity. Good for me, but bad for him.

As much as I love San Francisco, I hate the weather. No matter the temperature, I am always freezing! It’s the fog, the mist, the rain, the clouds, the wind, or the breeze.

Or it’s just me.

I think I was definitely born this way. I remember hating to accompany my mother to the Alemany farmer’s market as a kid, because I simply couldn’t stand being out in the wind. I remember hating to shop at Safeway, because the refrigerated aisles gave me goose bumps. I remember hating long drives in the car with my parents, because the air-conditioning simply kills me!

I know that you, reader, feel bad for me. But I am not the one to feel sorry for. My poor boyfriend is the victim for having to deal with my disfunction.

You know, I never thought that I was abnormal until I met Nick.

He couldn’t understand why on earth, in 65-degree weather in the sun, I was cold?

He soon found out that taking walks in the park or the beach or around the block was impossibly difficult. If we did set out with me wearing a long sleeve shirt, I soon complained of needing a sweatshirt. If we did set out with me wearing a sweatshirt, I would complain of needing mittens. If we did set out with me wearing mittens, I would complain of needing close-toed shoes because my flip-flops were giving me frostbite!

Then, even in those instances where I’d be fully bundled up - with a hoodie, jacket, mittens, boots, and scarf – I would take one look at him in his tee-shirt and shorts and be cold again! Just the sight of his bare arms and legs would make my teeth chatter! I don’t know how he survives in such a little clothing outside in the open air, but even thinking about it makes me shiver.

No matter the season, no matter the hour, no matter the place – I am unchangeably cold.

If we are having a coffee date in Starbucks, I am shivering. If we are hiking in the mountains, I am shivering. If we are studying in the library, I am shivering. I have accepted that my life will always be such, and thankfully Nick is moving past his denial.

In attempt to rationalize my horrible condition, Nick believes that I have a circulation problem. This very well could be true, but I’ve never discussed it with my doctor. I am simply too embarrassed. Perhaps, more exercise would remedy this blood problem, but we shall talk about my aversion to exercise another time.

It’s kind of like how I was at band practice one day, and the drummer was wearing a ridiculous pair of bright red earmuffs. It was late spring, we were indoors, the heater was on, and giggling I was like, what is up with your earmuffs? As we poked fun, he simply replied, “I’ve just got back from a ski trip, and my core body temperature hasn’t adjusted yet.” Core body temperature? So funny and silly, I thought.

But sadly, my life has turned into a more dramatic recurring nightmare of this. I am a freak with earmuffs that’s continually adjusting from an imaginary snow, and Nick is a hysterical critic asking me why I am so damn cold.

Nick has learned to accommodate my temperature problems, but they are still problems. Me being cold is an inevitable, irreversible, irrevocable part of our relationship.

I know he wishes it wasn’t so.


Alexandra said...

Hahahaha! Oh, girl, I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but I completely understand. Your post made me laugh out loud because I have the same problem. I think it's comical how cold I am, all of the time, rain or shine. I've always gotten the vibe that girls tend to feel colder while guys tend to feel warmer. Why is this? Is it all in our heads?

On a more sympathetic note, I'm sorry! It's so unsatisfying to be engaged in a potentially fun activity, like an outdoor concert, dinner date, or even shopping at the grocery store, only for your chilliness to freeze away the fun moment.

Here's the way I combat this problem on a daily basis: secret clothing. I never, ever wear just jeans anymore. Layer one: warm, thin tights. Sometimes I do two of these layers, if it's really cold. Then, I wear thick socks that reach my knee. Then I wear the jeans. This makes everything better! I also have a similar strategy for my torso.

You can do it! Conquer the chills-I hope you can find your own solution!

ashleyallisonlindner said...

Okay, this may sound funny or rather crazy, but I am this same way, always cold. However, I am severely anemic, to the point of blood transfusions and many hospital/doctor visits. I do eat meat and my diet is extremely high in iron-full foods like fresh spinach, but for some reason, my body doesn't absorb it. I take medication for it that makes my blood count go up a bit, but on days where I am extremely freezing and exhausted, I know my blood count is low. This might sound crazy, but maybe you are anemic? I really suggest you look into it!