Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dropping Hints

Let’s admit it – we all do it.

It’s fun and harmless to drop hints for birthday presents or where we want to be taken for dinner, but too often we drop hints that are actually major emotional bombs.

A lot of the time, we use hints to skirt around really important issues in the relationship that need to be discussed, but we would rather jab at each other until the other person surrenders and brings it up.

Dropping hints is a very non-confrontational way of letting the other person know what’s on our heart and mind. Then, when the other person gets frustrated at our mixed messages, we get frustrated that they are frustrated and aren’t picking up on our confusing clues.

Though we might not have the courage or energy to sit down and really explore the issues with our partner, it is imperative to communicate clearly and openly if we want to get anything resolved.

Do the real work required in a relationship, and I guarantee it will yield a harvest of good results for both parties.

If we don't, it could turn into a real mess: