Thursday, April 7, 2011


Everyone likes shoes. Surprisingly though, I am not the shoe diva in the relationship - Nick is. Hard to believe, but it's true; the man simply loves his shoes.

I own the basic necessities: flats, some heels, sandals, tennis shoes, and boots, but Nick on the other hand, has a much wider selection. There are the dress shoes (American and European), casual shoes for jeans (leather and canvas), gym shoes, biking shoes, skate shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, rugby cleats, extreme weather hiking boots, and the next on the list is, indoor soccer shoes?!

Nick takes care of his shoes in the same way that I take care of my nails. Not only is he proud of them, but he also maintains them with diligence - the same could be said about me and my epidermis.

And that's because I'm one of those girls who loves admiring their own nails. I admit, it's silly and a little vain, but I adore having beautifully kept nails. I mean, your hands do all your work for you all day long, so it's kind of pleasurable to have something nice to look at when you're typing out a paper, writing a letter, working the cash register, resting on the steering wheel, or sipping a glass of wine.

According to Nick, the same reasoning is behind men and their shoes. You wear shoes everyday, all day, so it makes sense to have a shoe for every occasion. Apparently, he loves admiring his shoes in all the different activities he may be engaged in. Whether he's pedaling on his bike, going to a job interview, tearing up the rugby field, hiking in the mountains, working out in the gym, or stepping into the club, he can always look down at his shoes and think, "Man, your shoes are awesome right now."

Just watch how a guy contemplates his ensemble for the night, concentrating deeply on this shirt or that, this belt or watch, this sweater or jacket, working different color schemes all to cleverly showcase the greatness of his shoes.

My only point in bringing this up is to show that guys too can be wardrobe queens and be just as picky about clothing and fashion as girls are. Guys may make fun of girls for taking forever to change our clothes, or do our hair, or put on our make-up, but guys too can be sticklers for appearance when it comes to looking good.

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Lauren_Rubin said...

I feel like you are describing me and my roommate! I have shoes I feel I need, one for the majority of the occasions I encounter, my roommate has an entire closet full of different shoes, mainly sneakers. I didn't think it was possible to have so many types of sneakers! The worst part? If I accidentally bump into him and step on his shoe he will spend the next 20 minutes making sure there are no scuff marks, I kid you not.

CRAZY status.