Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paying Compliments

Compliments are like the icing on the cake during a really great date. Compliments spice things up and make everything a little sweeter during that first stage of dating.

The problem is, compliments fly out the window once things settle down.

Compliments easily turn into insults when we get mad each other, and a sarcastic compliment can be like a bullet to the heart.

The good thing about a really genuine compliment is that it can turn everything around. A well-timed compliment can be a life-saver when the date is going horribly wrong. A well-received compliment can also reignite that spark that used to burn bright.

When the night is spiraling downhill, consider the art of paying a good compliment. It will certainly pay off.

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Blog said...

This video is so funny to me! I LOVE the way you dressed Barbie differently, depending on the stage of the relationship. Also, GREAT use of the romantic music! I think it made the whole video that much more funny. I hope you keep these videos up! Seems like you've got a lot of views already :)