Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being a Glee Fan

Guys hate Glee, and girls are crazy about it. Although this will reveal to the world what kind of person I am, I will come out and say it - I love Glee.

I will attempt to answer the question of "Why do you like Glee", as posed by Jeff.

Glee is about having dreams, achieving those dreams, and the whole way through, singing your heart out to get there.
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Case 1 - Rachel Berry 

The true anchor of the show - Rachel wants to be a star. And with a voice like hers, every audience member can already see she is one. Yes, she is snobby, manipulative, selfish, and annoying, but she is determined to shine. One can admire her confidence and determination despite the fact that she is a nerdy Gleek. Rachel does not let her social status define her though, she knows who she is and what she wants. You can’t stop the Rachel Berry train - it’s best you just hop on.

Rachel finds a song for every feeling that she’s feeling – but we all do this in some way or another! Yes, she gets to perform it on stage 99% of the time – a little dramatic, but really, who wouldn’t love to do that?

Now, if the boy you were head over heels for finally confesses his love to you, why wouldn’t you sing Journey’s “Faithfully” with him?

And then, when that same boy tells you that another girl is more beautiful than you, why wouldn’t you sing Katy Perry’s “Firework” to remind yourself that you are better than that?

Case 2 - Finn Hudson

Finn is Rachel’s counterpart. He is Rachel’s dream come true and the missing puzzle piece for the Glee Club. He is the strong lead male vocal that the team needs, and with him on their side, they actually have a chance to succeed. Like a savior, Finn brings tremendous leadership to the team and brings them together in the clutch. He redeems the Glee Club’s reputation by being the only jock in school to be both quarterback on the football team and a Gleek. More importantly, Finn is able to find himself through song.

Now, if your mom, who has always been your only family, was getting married and you were confused about it especially since it would mean having a gay brother, wouldn’t you sing Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” to show that you could be a man and accept all of it?

Watch clip here!

Case 3 - Kurt Hummel 

Kurt is in the closet about his sexual orientation at McKinley high, but the Glee Club gives him the confidence to reveal who he is, because he knows he has their support. Being in the Glee Club allows Kurt to showcase his talent and also end the identity battle going on inside himself. Kurt is not only free, but empowered.

If you found a haven where you felt safe, and in the process made a wonderful friend who is just what you need, wouldn’t you sing “Baby it’s Cold Outside” with them during Christmas to express the new-found warmth in your heart?

Watch clip here!


As you can see, there is so much to learn and love about Glee. Glee tells you that your dreams are possible and if you believe in yourself, you can make them come true. I think that Glee is a little more realistic portrayal of this principle than most Disney movies, because seriously, there is real struggle involved for these characters. Glee shows that you can determine your success, but it won’t be an easy road.

I tried to get Nick to see the merit of the show, but he wasn’t interested. I think all the song and dance turned him off, but for me, that’s what makes this show brilliant. Sorry guys, but you're missing out.


frontdeskblog said...

Like you, I'm coming out, as a Glee fan. I loved your analyses on the characters. You're right, I do find songs for how I feel. However, I think that Ryan Murphy secretly does not like women. I miss the old Rachel, and am happy that she's starting to come back. In the beginning she was just as determined and wonderful as you said. She was ambitious. Once she started to date Finn I thought that she became pathetic, only concerned with her man. Gross.

@Blkcat69 said...

hahaha, I really like your analysis of each character. Just by reading your post, I can get a picture of who these people are and their gifts/struggles. I can see why this show has a huge following, the vocals and choreography are quite impressive.

As a man, I think Glee has an interesting concept but is a little bit too...romantic for my taste. Don't get me wrong, a good love story can be very sweet or even touching but I personally feel that there is so much content coming out that it becomes lower priority on my list. Thank you for the break down though. I have always wondered what Glee was about. Those clips are funny as well. Rock on GLeek

stephanie said...

I LOVE GLEE!! WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE?? I love the new character Darren Criss and I am in love with brittney's character. she is brilliant.