Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going to the Mall

We’ve all been on a shopping date at one time or another, and that's because going to the mall is the thing to do! A few reasons why:

Buying Stuff - Girlfriends want to shop because their new boyfriends can buy them things! This is what allowance is for. And if you are a boyfriend, you will soon realize (if you have not already) that your allowance has just become her allowance.

Gift Ideas - How much more obvious of a hint can you give your partner about what you want for Christmas than,

My graffiti of what happens in almost every store.

Showing off - All your other friends are hanging out at the mall too, so it’s a great place to show off your new shiny trophy. In other words, boyfriend/girlfriend = arm candy.

PDA – The mall is a public place, and you want to display your affection. Shopping at the mall sounds innocent enough, but who knows what could happen without chaperones around…

Food - You are too broke to go to fancy restaurants, but the food court offers a variety of cheap meal choices. Pretzels, pizza, sushi, ice cream – how easy is that?

Transportation - If you're a teenager, then you can’t drive yourself or your partner anywhere, but Mom can! You don’t have to be embarrassed – everyone can be seen getting in and out of minivans in the loading zone.

And lastly, perhaps the most serious of all:

Evaluation - Shopping with someone can reveal a lot about them. You can learn so much  about their likes/ dislikes, their opinions, their spending habits, their addictions, their guilty pleasures, their fantasies, and of course, their personality.


When we were teenagers, going to the mall with Nick was a frequent activity. As we've matured, I don't drag him along anymore. He hates it, and I try to understand that... 

Although recently we had to go shopping (haha), because I wanted to exchange some birthday presents. As always, he fell asleep within 5 minutes of following me around, but because of all the evaluation he had done in years past, we were fairly quick to find something else that I liked it. 

I love that we both know what I like.


Rex_Mole said...

Good evaluation about mall trips. It's funny how your boyfriend's allowance becomes your allowance, and he is stuck following you around at the mall. It's good that you two understand each others behavior now because your boyfriend doesn't have to feel like an anchor slowing you down from shopping. I am curious to know about any similarities and differences between going shopping with: friends, family, and your boyfriend. I skimmed through your previous post and I like your honest criticism about romantic relationships. Keep up with it.

Dylan said...

This is a very thorough and accurate analysis of what a "mall date" would be like. I can easily remember myself in situations just like these with former girlfriends, and it makes me laugh how technical it can be. Going to the mall has been a social phenomena since the 80's, and is a part of teenage americana. That graffiti drawing is awesome too!

Renee Daniel said...

This is my and my boyfriend's idea of shopping.
1. walk into the mall
2. realize that we don't want to shop
3. get something to eat
4. leave