Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Most boyfriends cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day, and most girlfriends flaunt all of their expensive gifts on Facebook. Something is wrong with that picture.

At its core, Valentine’s day should be a day dedicated to love. It should be a day of presents, cards, and romantic meals.

It should NOT be a day with a price tag attached. It should not cost a trip to Tiffany’s, Hallmark, or ___insert overpriced restaurant here____.

It’s pretty sad that so many people hate Valentine’s Day because of the commercial pressure to spend. I don’t blame them in this economy.

I mean really, no money has to be spent at all to make the day special.

In fact, unless you are dating a genuine gold-digger, your girlfriend will love you for spending time with her and making something from scratch.

I get that some women NEED/EXPECT really nice gifts, but maybe that’s because that’s all they get! If Valentine’s Day was the one day out of the whole year that I got spoiled, then yes, I would expect a lot too.

But really, how can we blame guys for resenting the holiday when they already are forking out the dough for beautiful birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and anniversary gifts?

As women, we need to let our guys off the hook a little when it comes to Valentine’s, because if they are TRUE gentlemen (as I am sure they are), we need to recognize that they treat us well all year long. It should not be mandatory for them to spend a lot today, when they are good to us everyday.

Now, for all the jerks out there who ARE horrible boyfriends 364 days out of the year, then no, you are not allowed off the hook. You SHOULD be endorsing Tiffany’s, Hallmark, and taking her to ___insert overpriced restaurant here_____. But hopefully ladies, you are not dating this kind of jerk, otherwise, you should be dumping them and moving on today!

And for those guys dating gold-diggers, let’s be honest. If your girl always wants to be spoiled with expensive gifts, and Valentine’s Day is breaking your bank and your heart for not being able to please her, then you should be moving on too! Dump her, because she really does just want your money.

Your loved one just wants to be loved by you.

If they want to hear your words - instead of buying a Hallmark card, make one! Write a little poem and create your own card out of good ol’ construction paper. A little reminiscent of kindergarten, but so fun! And for people that hate crafts, I swear if you try, you will succeed! Your efforts will be appreciated, always so sweet. (The only exception is the gold-digger, she will probably throw it away after).

If they simply want your time - take a walk together! On your lunch break in the park (if that’s all you can do) or when you get home from work, a stroll under the stars. No distractions (no cell phones)  - just quality time being together.

If they want something special to eat – stay in! Bake your own cookies! Especially if you are newly dating, then guys – she very well might appreciate your effort in making a nice meal at home, then seeing you cringe at the fat dinner bill. You don’t want to make it awkward. Awkwardness is NOT HOTT on Valentine’s Day. Now, I’m not proposing for everybody to boycott restaurants today; I think the idea has actual merit. Hey, if you can afford it, go for it. But ladies, don’t expect a $200 dinner, and guys, please don’t blow a paycheck just to impress her.

Valentine’s Day is great opportunity to show your affection, and if you can find creative ways to make it cheap, it can be that much more sentimental.

I took my own advice this year and made some cupcakes for Nick. As I was writing this post, I realized that in all years we've been together, I haven't baked a single thing for him! You can imagine his surprise when I explained that not only did I make them, but also they were his! He honestly didn't believe me.

My baking: so rare that it needed to be documented.


Darth Nerd said...

Hmm...women really appreciate arts and crafts, do they? I don't understand this. I mean, what's the point? It's not like you can "level up" when gluing sparkles onto poster board and where's the fun in that?

I do have to agree with you that men are spending too much money on women though. I mean, if they really love their women, shouldn't they be willing to do more than just pay for stuff? They should be willing to STEAL fancy jewelry and designer clothes and THREATEN their way into five star meals! C'mon, guys! Romeo killed himself for Juliet! The least you could do for your girlfriend is commit a few felonies!

Dylan said...

I believe in the method of "It's the thought that counts" and will take any opportunity to save some money while still showing my Valentine how I feel. As a guy, I do think that this holiday is grossly over-commercialized. It should be about expressing the feelings you have, not showing how much you can spend. Not to mention there are many other occasions during the year where expensive gifts are expected. Valentines Day has lost its special meaning to me ever since we stopped bringing candy and a card for everyone in the class. The only reason I go along with it is because women eat it up.